Passion for Catering
Gourmetz Pte Ltd is the leading meal fulfillment specialist for the institutional & silver care markets.

Our passion for delivering truly nutritious meals, starts with our belief that any endorsement by a certified nutritionist, must be met with an optimum hygiene standards collectively.

At Gourmetz, we are committed to providing customers from different walks of life a safe and wholesome meal, whether for the silver age or the early years.
An extension of our existing institutional meal supply business at Gourmetz Singapore.

GOe is an platform dedicated to delivering everyday food supplies, essential products, easy purchasing and operational excellence to business all across Singapore.

The GOe platform is built around a seamless and personalised shopping.
Better Prices & Selection
From bananas to bee hoon, and hand sanitiser to cleaning solutions, our extensive product range means you should find everything your organisation needs and be confident of its quality.

GOe's selection of products are tailored for any organisation, whether big or small experience
GOe Plus provides a single, consistent supply across your organisation, saving you time and reducing your costs. All your organisation’s spend is captured in your centre’s account in real time, which means no more company credit cards or staff reimbursements.

We offer a consistent pricing options on a range of products providing cost predictability and forecasting.

We will respond quickly and proactively to your needs, with dedicated teams for onboarding, account management and shopper support. We are with you at every step of the journey.